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St. James Cemetery, named for the patron saint of Holy Ghost’s first pastor, Fr. James Hamilton, is administered by Holy Ghost Parish and is located off Harvard Street in Whitman. The Cemetery is frequently visited not only by those who wish to pray for buried loved ones but also by those who seek a quiet, beautiful place to meditate, reflect and pray. Each Memorial Day a service of remembrance and tribute is held at the Cemetery, particularly honoring those who gave their lives in service to our country. In the priests’ section is a marker, donated by the Knights of Columbus Cardinal Spellman Council, Whitman, in prayerful remembrance of the unborn. Cemetery Superintendent Vincent Tonello and his assistant James Lewis constantly maintain the beautiful grounds.


St. James Cemetery, Harvard St., Whitman MA 02383

Superintendent: Jim Lewis
Phone: 781-447-4421 ext. 213 


Please send all mail to 518 Washington St., Whitman MA 02380 c/o Jim Lewis

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