An Update on the Collaborative's COVID Response Dated 8/28/21

In response to the increasing COVID numbers in Massachusetts, the Diocese has updated its COVID safety Protocols. Based on these protocols, we are making the following changes.


While we are holding off dividing the church into masked and unmasked areas due to problems we have previously experienced implementing this option, we ask parishioners to give some space to those wearing masks, especially if you are unmasked.

In addition we are encouraging parishioners to wear masks even if you have been vaccinated. Masks have proven effective in reducing the spread of COVID and the church promotes both wearing masks as well as getting vaccinated as soon as you are able to do so.

For those that are unable to be vaccinated or have other high risk health conditions please remember when Cardinal Sean lifted the Dispensation from Mass he made the following exceptions: “those who are ill, those unable to be vaccinated, those who have recently been exposed to the coronavirus or other communicable diseases, and those who are confined to their homes, hospitals, or other facilities due to illness, infirmity, frailty or age.”


Lastly, if you have attended Mass and are then diagnosed with COVID we ask that you report it to the Board of Health with the date and time of the Mass you attended. This will protect your privacy but allow the church to respond by notifying any parishioner that attended that same Mass.

An Update on the Collaborative's Religious Education Schedule

Dear Catechists,


We have recently received the updated guidelines and requirements concerning COVID protocols from the Archdiocese of Boston and Governor Bakers’ office.


It is requested that no meetings be held before the 1st October within our Faith Formation Program and the parish community.


In compliance with this requirement we will reschedule our meeting in September for

 Wednesday, October 6th at 6:30pm at the Cardinal Spellman Center in the parish of Holy Ghost, Whitman.

This date allows us to meet before classes begin for all grade levels.

The meeting space will be sanitized before you arrive and social distancing guidelines will be followed.

All in attendance are required to wear mask.